Glass is not glass is not glass….

There’s a dramatic difference in glass quality produced in factories around the world! For a buyer beware moment, remember that cheap glass is probably not good glass.

In China, the range from bad to fair quality is enormous. The bad could be so bad, that it contains bits of dirt and debris. It could be cloudy and full of stress, which occurs when glass is not cooled at the proper rate. Glass that contains stress will chip and break much easier. (In a future blog, we’ll show you how to make your own polariscope to check stress!)

Eastern Europe produces the best glass from this writers experience.  Rona 5 Star Glass, produced by Rona in Slovakia, stands among the top producers on earth.


Rona uses glass formula containing barium crystalline, which gives it a crystal like appearance without lead. Rona’s clarity is prized among sommeliers around the world. Rona’s stemware is produced as a one piece, pulled stem glass. In addition, all Rona glass is annealed to remove stress.

The rim is cut by a laser, insuring a micro fine edge that doesn’t have that bead of glass seen in cheaper imitators. The edge in known as a “sheer” edge.

So there you have it… Rona has all the ingredients to provide the user with a great experience!

To celebrate Rona’s excellence, we’re offering a 15% discount on all Rona glass with for a limited time with coupon code “Rona”. See our fine Rona offerings here.

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